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Open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the visit of the park
Fly fishing in the ponds of the Abbey by reservation
Open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the visit of the park


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The 2023 season is over - see you next year!

Summer is drawing to a close. We'd like to thank so many of you for taking part in our Tales & Legends Festival, as well as the Medieval Festivals, which have become a real must-see event in the region. All this is thanks to you, but also to our volunteers, without whom nothing would be possible.

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The medieval festivities: August 14 and 15!

Transport yourself back several centuries during the 25th Fêtes Médiévales, taking place on Monday August 14 and Tuesday August 15, 2023 at Mortemer Abbey! Take advantage of the day's entertainment, stroll along the Chemin des Ducs and visit the Theme Apartments and the Museum of Ghosts and Legends.

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devilments over the pond


Show on water and on land

A show without words, on water and on land, you imagine?
Forfeiture angels without doubt have you heard about, but have you seen?
Love the devil, do you think it does not exist?

That's part of what evokes the new show produced by the Association "Friends of the Mortemer Abbey", devilments.

Dance, mime and visual charts make this show which takes place partly on water and in water ponds.

The stage director Vytas KRAUJELIS had to also assume the burden of choreographer and, costume and decor design.

Devilments Devilments

The word of the author :

"At the Mortemer Abbey almost 900 years old, we are doomed to perpetual renewal.
For many years, our theatrical creations, we pay tribute to the history of the Normandy Dukes and Kings of England. The ruins of Mortemer offers also another attraction, they whisper to us some legends. Many people among our visitors and spectators, are hoping to glimpse a ghost ...

Behind the scenes are the ponds, so I wanted a change of scenic pleasures. My idea was the creation of "freshwater follies." How did we get to devilments? "
"After honored history with a dozen shows, I was delighted to look into another own appearance of the Abbey, the legend. I wanted to arouse curiosity and to stimulate the audience. Create a good entertainment is as difficult to create a tragedy or a drama.

I'm Lithuanian , I live in France for eleven years but I have not forgotten where I come from and how I grew up. Folk legends and stories of my country are full of stories where the man submits or operates the devil. Christian dogmas rub pagan beliefs.

A Lithuanian legend has imposed itself, giving me the opportunity to mix with the divine the evil and the multiplicity of characters while remaining very accessible to the wider public, and with no word!

In Lithuania, people still offer the best to their guests when they’re at home. I act like that, and I offer to the public the beauty of traditional dances, the fiery temperament of my country (we are calm but only in appearance), and a legend which speaks only of love.

Devilments Devilments


A miller wants to marry a girl. He made a pact with the devil, and in exchange, promises to give their unborn child. When the time comes to keep his promise, the miller is trying to deceive the devil who takes revenge ...

It seems that all ends well. Among the many characters, you will see farmers and peasants, devils men and devils women, angels, bigoted, and time personified in four seasons.

This original to see in family show was played in 2007 at Pentecost, in July and August. At each performance, he was welcomed by an enthusiastic and friendly audience that vibrated to the sound of boisterous polkas, some even dancing on the bleachers. We decided to present it again in 2008.


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Mortemer Abbey - 27440 LISORS

Open every day from 11am to 6pm to visit the exterior

Phone: 02 32 49 54 34