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Open every day from 11am to 18pm
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The Abbey reopens its doors!

As of May 3, 2021, the Abbey reopens its doors every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Come visit us and try to win tickets for the shows of the new season!

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Cultural Season 2021: let's get started!

Although spring hasn't even started yet, Mortemer Abbey has already started preparing for the cultural season 2021! This summer's program includes dives into the heart of history, exciting tales and even a few thrills. Discover the 2021 program in more detail!

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Marie de France's Fables

Marie de France's Fable

By the Association loi 1901 « Au Temps des Abbayes » Mortemer Abbey, 27440 LISORS
Directed by Vytas KRAUJELIS


Marie de France's is one of the rare poetess of the Middle-Age. A woman close to the court and to the King's family. She was inspired by celtic-breton legends for her lays and by Esope, ancient greek author, for her fables.


Marie de France's fables are the mirror of life, a look on the status of women, evocation of quirks of human nature... With medieval inspired dance in costume, according to the 12th century trends.
The fables are read by Vitas Kraujelis and her actors company.



The tale forme requires to be speaking directly with the audience. The actors will stay available for a debate.
Costumes will be reflecting XII century.  

The show will last one hour but it could be playing whole or on several parts. 



Association "Au temps des Abbayes"
27740 LISORS
Président of the association : Mme Jacqueline CHARPENTIER- CAFFIN
e-mail :
Stage director : Mr Vytas KRAUJELIS
e-mail :

Mortemer Abbey - 27440 LISORS

Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm

Phone: 02 32 49 54 34