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Open every day from 11am to 18pm
Fly fishing in the Abbey ponds on reservation


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23rd Medieval Festivals: Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th August (bookings recommended)!

For the 23rd consecutive year, Mortemer Abbey invites you to its Medieval Festivals. Come on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August from 10:30 am to 7 pm for an immersion in the heart of the Middle Ages! On the program: fights, tournaments, medieval camp, music, dances, shows, medieval market and much more.

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2nd Festival of Tales and Legends: see you on July 17 & 18!

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July, Mortemer Abbey invites you to the 2nd Festival of Fantastic Tales & Legends. What a great way to spend a moment under the sign of magic, sharing and laughter with family or friends!

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The association « Au Temps des Abbayes »

L'association Au temps des abbayesActor or extra, costume or machinist, buffoon, troubadour, fire-breathing or fencing-master, if you want to express your talents, or simply to participate in the realization of played in public shows, join a friendly and welcoming team...

These shows are supported by the Normandy region, the Eure department, the Pays du Vexin Normand and the communes of Lyons-la-Forêt and Lisors.

Our stage director

Vytas KraujelisVytas KRAUJELIS is director and professional actor in residence at the Mortemer Abbey.You can visit his website at:



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mortemer eventsVolunteers: Express your talents!

Have fun, enrich your life by meetings and great experiences...

Participate in new shows by Vytas KRAUJELIS.

You are:

  • Extra, dancer, actor,
  • Dressmaker, decorator, handyman,
  • Without any specialty, but with the desire to meet friends, learn, participate ...

Come join our team of enthusiasts to live great adventures. Take the plunge! Call us at 02 32 49 54 34 or contact us from the form below.

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Mortemer Abbey - 27440 LISORS

Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm

Phone: 02 32 49 54 34