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The 2023 season is over - see you next year!

Summer is drawing to a close. We'd like to thank so many of you for taking part in our Tales & Legends Festival, as well as the Medieval Festivals, which have become a real must-see event in the region. All this is thanks to you, but also to our volunteers, without whom nothing would be possible.

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2018 season

Events and shows schedule for the year 2018

July 2018

Historical Show of Mathilde the Empress

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 July at 4 pm

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July at 4 pm

Animations start at 11am

"Mathilde the Empress"

The association "Au Temps des Abbayes" is proud to produce the show retracing the life of Mathilde l'Emperesse with a production by Vytas Kraujelis at Mortemer Abbey ! A show full of history and facts that took place between 1100 and 1154. This representation retraces the life of this woman who marked Normandy by her passage and her benefits.

Find the story worthy of the memory of the mother of the Plantagenêts dynasty: Mathilde the Empress, a woman who fought to find her place in a world ruled only by men. Mathilde's life is marked by the loss of her men: one by one, her husband, her father and her half-brother abandon her by leaving this world, leaving her alone to fight to fulfill her destiny as princess, wife, mother and queen deprived of a crown.

Born in England, she soon married and settled in Germany until she was an adult. She then returned to her native country, she was married in France at Le Mans Cathedral, where she met her new husband who would be her greatest ally. After returning to England to give back to her family the throne that belonged to her, she returned to Rouen where she ended her life after giving birth to her second son.

From her birth to the end of her life, the Empress faced trials that showed her courage and loyalty towards her people. Despite her unsuccessful aspirations to the throne of England, she was able to give up her claim and her role was important in the future of her eldest son who would later become Duke of Normandy, and do good deeds for the city of Rouen.

The show

The show will take place on July 14, 15, 21 and 22 at 4pm and animations will be proposed from 11am at the abbey!

The show features poetic and contemporary texts that highlight sometimes idealized historical facts. It will be composed of dances, rhymed chronicles, and images. The original staging will fill the gaps left by the historical texts, to give 1h15 of reconstructed scenes.

The end of the show marks the beginning of a new era with the coronation of Henry II Plantagenet in which the Empress played an important role in helping him in the government of the Duchy of Normandy.

The costumes are reconstructions of clothes corresponding to the fashion of the twelfth century, and the empress's crown is strongly inspired by the imperial crown still existing.


Before the show, you will have the opportunity to participate in our animation "Habillage de la Dame" to learn more about the female condition through the costume in the cloister, and in our other animation made up of fables, poetry and songs.

In addition to the show, take advantage of your visit to discover the abbey park and learn more about the richness of the history that allowed its construction. Visit our Abbey History page for a taste of what awaits you!

Rates :

  • 13 euros for adults
  • 9 euros for children from 6 to 16 years old.
  • Free for children under 6.

Information :

By telephone: 02 32 49 54 34
By e-mail:

Reservations :

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August 2018 : Medieval Festivals at Mortemer Abbey

Tuesday 14 & Wednesday 15 August

From 10h30 to 19h

20th anniversary of the annual Medieval Festivals

For two days, we invite you to immerse yourself in medieval times. Between tradition and novelty, festivities and animations will take place all day in the magnificent setting of the Abbaye de Mortemer.

Groups will offer interactive and educational activities for young and old. It will be possible to discover daily life in medieval camps, demonstrations of fighting, equestrian games or tournaments in which many riders and their horses will compete.

For the children: initiation to fencing, adoubement ceremony, archery, jousts and tournaments on ponies...

In the afternoon, a great sound show of Tournois de Chevalerie will take place at the edges of the ponds of the abbey with the possibility for the public to settle down on natural terraces to observe this show in a setting and conditions unique in France. 

For an hour, horsemen and foot soldiers from the troupe Les Galops de l'histoire will present a high-level show retracing a passage from history: The War of England: Mathilde against his cousin Etienne de Blois, in the majestic setting of the Abbey ponds.

You will have for the first time, at Mortemer Abbey, the opportunity to learn more about sieving techniques, during a comic animation, orchestrated by Machina Silente. With the help of the public, Coquillard and Pied-gras will operate the various war machines, you will be able to note during real shootings the ingenuity of the builders of yesteryear and the performances of these machines.

For the first time also, the medieval will welcome a group of musicians who propose to make you discover or rediscover songs and melodies of the Middle Ages: Celestiae. They will play a varied repertoire with melodies drawn from works of the 12th and 13th, sacred music, songs of trouvères....,

The Mortemer Abbey troupe, led by Vytas Kraujelis, will also be present with medieval dances, fables, small forms of theatre...

Moreover, the children will be able to become real riders thanks to the presence of the Domaine de L'orleau, which will offer them the possibility of a pony baptism!

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages thanks to the medieval market. Merchants and craftsmen will offer you their products and specialities out of the ordinary. You will be able to exchange with them on their know-how and their unique manufacturing techniques.

Also to discover:

  • Le Bistrot du Bec Fin : Braised shank with lentils, Dijonnaise ham, Sausages...
  • La Crêpe d'Antan : Crepes made atypically over a wood fire
  • Ten pleasurable wines: Harvesting wines, beers and Norman whisky
  • Flavour of the senses: Wild fruit jams, shortbread, old recipes
  • Le Monde des Délices : Hibiscus flower products (jelly, herbal teas, syrup, aperitifs...)
  • Croquants : Aromatic plants, biscuits and fruit pastes, herbal drinks, soaps.
  • Mering'addict : Homemade scented meringues
  • Honey of exception: Honey of Yvelines and Algarves
  • Amber and Silver : Baltic amber jewellery
  • Atelier de la Mare aux loups : Leather crafts
  • Atelier du cuir normand : Leather articles (belts, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, furniture, horse saddlery)
  • Ciergerie de Mormal : Candles, mead, hypocras, horns, Celtic jewellery and Vikings
  • Echoppe de Tine : Medieval and fantastic jewellery and accessories
  • Figur'histo : Figurines, trinkets, decorative objects, swords, daggers
  • Medieval Celtic fairy flo : Wooden leather jewellery, steel, esoteric products
  • Rough work: Sundials, badges, bas-relief in reconstituted Caen stone and metal animals
  • L'atelier de la source : Raw and polished pebble minerals, hand-made mineral jewellery
  • The Knight Thibault: Historical costumes
  • The Mercury of Gaillon: Ancient Books
  • Lili cardboard : Mother of pearl jewelry
  • Nagacrea Macramé : Hand woven jewelry and accessories in macramé and fine stones
  • Octocirrus : Medieval style jewellery and accessories
  • Small books of lady bergamot : Articles of wool and cloth child and adult
  • Revlyns : Figurines, pocket watches, canes, swords, jewellery, mangas
  • Rui Morot Pyrogram : Bracelets, leaf holders, paper markers, key rings, boxes, scrolls
  • Symbolic Jewerly : Sale and creation of silver jewelry and natural stones, objects and decorations with esoteric character
  • Tonnerre de Forge : Artisanal cutlery
  • Vouivius Normannorum : Historical jewels, elder hypocras, medieval equipment + archery stand

Experience a unique immersion in the Middle Ages: you can take advantage of the free costume loan for children and adults, for a day trip back in time.

Catering on site.
Large free parking.

Rates :
13 euros for adults
9 euros for children from 6 to 16 years old.
Free for children under 6.
Information: 02 32 49 54 34 / /
Book your seats online!


September 2018 : Ghosts Nights (13th edition)

Every Saturday evening in September: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.

For a 13th edition, the Nuits des Fantômes de l'abbaye de Mortemer are back.

This is a walk through the abbey and around the ponds, accompanied by a guide who knows the area, in order to meet the ghosts that haunt the area.

Visitors may encounter simple apparitions, wandering spirits wishing to come into contact with the living or creatures seeking interaction.

Ghost Nights is also a unique way to visit the abbey in candlelight under the starry sky or the full moon.

Every Saturday evening in September from 9pm: the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.

Departure by group every 20 minutes (last departure around 22h30)

Duration: 1h40 approximately.

Don't forget your electric lamp. 


Mortemer Abbey - 27440 LISORS

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