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Summer is drawing to a close. We'd like to thank so many of you for taking part in our Tales & Legends Festival, as well as the Medieval Festivals, which have become a real must-see event in the region. All this is thanks to you, but also to our volunteers, without whom nothing would be possible.

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Tristan et Iseult

Celtic legend closer to its origins,
A chosen hymn to love.

Many artists were inspired by the story of Tristan and Iseult, the lovers tortured by an impossible and tragic passion. Vytas Kraujelis chose to banish the curse for his new theatrical creation.

Vytas Kraujelis Actrice role in Iseult

The author wanted to go back in time to the origins of France and Normandy. This story takes its inspiration from the Celtic past. Celtic tribes overrun a large part of present France and Europe before the Roman invasion.

The Roman appropriation annihilates Gallic culture and social structure. Under the reign of Duke and King Henry II, the poet Marie de France managed to collect snippets of Celtic stories and lay on parchment in a poetic form. It is also during the Middle Ages that appears the first written love TRISTAN AND ISEULT versions.

All these legends have survived only thanks to the strong desire of the Britons, Irish and Welsh to keep their cultural identity.

During the Middle Ages, the story of Tristan and Iseult has become more complex. It was extended up to become over time a novel, with many ramifications. The Christian version has changed the love into a spell that causes death, while Celtic felt this feeling as a trigger for a whirl of life.

The creator of the show has tried to strip the story of all these prejudices. Passion is not a curse or a death sentence, and love is a choice, happiness, a source of life, a rebirth. The obstacles are nevertheless present and many to achieve this love.

There is certainly a conflict between this pure feeling and reason of state because Iseult marries the King March. But whatever earthly laws and rules which are imposed by marriage, they don’t change the unchangeable love they feel for each other and we all know that we must fight to achieve happiness.

Tristan et Iseult Tristan et Iseult

The Show

The primary means of expression is dancing on background of Irish and Celtic music. The spoken word rarely occurs, only when the dance can’t translate the idea, action, feeling, or the plot, but most of the time, it is enough to make the spectator understand the progress history.

Tristan et Iseult Tristan et Iseult


Legendary creatures intervene. Fairies, a dragon rub humans, which can trigger the vortex through dance, and also to make you smile. You will discover a sequence of scenes, of sword fightings, and also quite spectacular accessories, as the boat will sail on the ponds, or the terrifying dragon that Tristan will have to fight.

Don’t forget either the richness of costumes, Vytas Kraujelis was inspired by some archaeological finds as we only have very little evidence on how the Celts wore. This show is based on professional actors supported by the troupe of non-professional actors from the Mortemer Abbey.

Tristan et Iseult Tristan contre le dragon


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